CCI-1640 16-Series Fan, Style 40 Shroud


16-Series Fan, Style 40 Shroud, Single Speed Hi-Rev Low Current Motor, 16″ Aggressive Blade, 4″ Clearance, Ideal for 40 Ford, Tri-5 Chevys and 50’s Cars

Width: 24 ½″ Min.width: 21 ½″
Height:: 19″ Min. Height: 17 ¼″
Clearance needed : 4″


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Style 40 is one of the best-selling Cooling Components shrouds in all its various configurations.

Their most common applications are early 40’s Ford family of cars, Tri-Five Chevy’s and any other car with 20 to 22 inches width of the radiator and over 17″ of height.

CCI-1640 is the ideal choice if you have more than 4.5″ clearance behind the radiator.

16-Series fans use a very long lasting double sealed bearing, single speed motor, equipped with a 16-inch aggressive blade.

Every Cooling Components Fan and Shroud guarantees to cool down any engine in traffic with A/C on, as long as the car has no over-heating issue driving down the road.

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