CCI-1460 14-Series Fan, Style 60 Shroud


Fan, 60 Slim-Line, Two Speed Hi-Output Motor, 14″ Ultra Quiet Blade, 2 5/8″ Clearance, Ideal for Early Mustangs, Falcons & Comets

Width: 19″ Min.width: 16″
Height:: 19″ Min. Height: 16″
Clearance needed : 2 ⅝″ Bracket Width: 17.5″


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Style 60 is the smallest Cooling Components shroud. It was designed for the smallest radiators you can find in serious American cars of the 60’s. to be specific: 1964 to 1966 Ford Mustang, Falcon and Mercury Comet. It is available with all the three types of our fans.

This is the smallest single fan we produce. Unlike other slim-line fans, it uses the 14″ version of the ultra-quiet and efficient 11 fin blade. It produces around 2000 real CFM which is absolutely sufficient for the small block engines, usual of these cars (289s & 302s).

Since normally there is not much clearance behind the radiators of these cars, CCI-1460 with 2 5/8″ depth is the most popular.

However, if you have more than 3 3/8″ you can use the CC-BL-60 and for more than 4″ applications CCI-1660 is surely the best choice.

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