CC-BL85-195 Fan, 80/85 Brushless, Wide


Fan & Shroud Combo, Style 80/85, 500W, Brushless, 14″, Variable Speed Temp Sensor, 3500 CFM, 3 3/8″ Clearance at the motor, Ideal for most 50’s/60’s American cars.

The BL-85 (or BL80V) is nothing, but the BL-80 made for crossflow radiators. Since the metal bracket is vertical on them, not only it gives you more room to trim the shroud on the sides and removes the metal bracket from the core area, but it also makes them the perfect choice for many cars such as early Camaros whose radiator core is normally less than 23″ (and previously they had to use the 40-style shroud to accommodate the metal bracket between the tanks and settle with 20″ of effective width instead of 22″).

Comes with all the required wiring harness + including temperature senor managing variable speeds between 175 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

Width: 26″ Min. Width: 22″
Height: 19″ Min. Height: 17.25″
Clearance needed: 3 3/8″ Bracket Height: 18 13/16″


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